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Art is my way to relate to the world and life; an instrument of research by which I establish relations and reflections. My attention is directed to social aspects, the natural and the human nature. With minimal intervention, made of simple gestures or actions I try to creates emotion. I use different languages - installations, photography, video or collective performances - according to the idea that I want to develop. In the "aesthetic walks" for "ORGH project” I invite people to walk in degraded and unpleasant places, trying to bring beauty in places where it has been disappeared. "Porta del Mare" (built with pieces of wood from the boat with which migrants from Africa arrived in Pantelleria island in 2011) is placed in the direction of Morocco's coasts, as welcome.



I was born in Naples in 1982. When I was at the Fine Art Academy of Naples, studying painting, I gained experience in different media such as performance, installations, video and photography. I moved then to Spain where I qualified in Art and Photography to the Polytechnic University of Valencia and worked for ASA Agency in Madrid (a Spanish stock agency that works with international magazine and photographers). I was wondering for six years between Spain and Scotland until the time I decided to travel to Latino America: the trip that changed the route of my way. From 2010 I came back to Italy and started working as free-lance and to personals projects, linked to social actions, participatory and relation-art, site-specific installations. I am now laboratory assistant of Painting and Extra-media/techniques in the Fine Art Academy of Naples.



2015 Carcavone in E-ART_H Conetti Vulcanici del Monte Somma, Napoli, Italy

2015 Art Discount "The contemporary way of life" - Sarajevo Supermarket, Napoli, Italy

2015 No Trace Art Group Show - Mivhs Art, Napoli, Italy

2014 Revolution with ORGH project. Galleria Artes Contemporaneas, Campobasso, Italy

2014 Economia. Call for artist. Sarajevo Supermarket, Napoli, Italy

2013 A.temporale. Mivhs Art, Home Gallery. Casavatore, Napoli, Italy

2013 Cib'arti. Sarajevo Supermarket, Napoli, Italy

2013 CCDS. Controcarretta della speranza. Castello di Pantelleria, Trapani, Italy

2013 Scarti di memoria. Castello di Roccadaspide, Salerno, Italy

2013 Ceci nest pas un concours. Project Room, Fondazione Palazzo Magnani. European Festival of photography, Reggio Emilia, Italy

2013 Factory Festival della creatività. Ex-Mattatoio Testaccio, Roma, Italy

2007 Tejido urbano, factor humano. MUVIM ( The Valencia Museum of Renown and Modernity) Spain

2004 Numeri d’arte. Pz. S.Maria La Nova, Maggio dei monumenti, Napoli, Italy

2003 Il mare fra confine e continuitá. Public Art. Meeting del Mare, Marina di Camerota, Italy

2002 Corpi epici. Fine Art Academy of Naples, Italy



2013 Orgh Project Finalist of “Connecting Cultures” Award: Art, Heritage and Human Rice

2013 Man-sized, a misura d ́uomo. "Factory" Festival of creativity. Finalist. Ex-Mattatoio Testaccio (Macro), Rome (Italy).

2013 CCDS Artist in residence for 'Controcarretta della speranza' project. Pantelleria, Italy

2013 Riciclaspide. Artist in residence. Festival of the art and the recycling, Roccadaspide, Italy.

2013 I Bevitori di Paceña. "Ceci nest pas un concours" Photography Award. Mention. Project Room, Palazzo Magnani Foundation, Europe Festival of Photography, Reggio Emilia (Italy) 

2011 A Painting day with Esse Ejja. Workshop with The Ese'ejja native indigenous people from, Sonene. Amazonas

2009 Aisha, Happiness. GAI (Young Italian Aartist) Photography Award/Pagine bianche d'autore. Mention and print on 2009 Edition

2006 Valencia, Retrato I. "Asegur-Arte" Photography Project Award. Finalist/Exhibit. MUVIM - The Valencia Museum of Renown and Modernity, Spain

2003 Cantiere-Vedere. Group Project "Art Festival of Suvereto". Special Mention of Jury. Suvereto, Italy. 2003 and 2002 Editions